Dear Buyer,

Our baskets dry in the sun four days before they are smoked over cocoanut husks & honey. 
We have been doing business in
Bali since the bombings of 2002 which left the island stranded with no tourism, the backbone of the island’s economy.  People were leading meager lives with no income, and many were taking their children out of school and having them work in the rice fields. 
In Bali the weaving of Ata grass dates back to the 11th century and it was a solid part of small village culture,
 it provides additional income for the villagers therefore we do not have a factory nor want one, as part of our mission statement is to ‘sustain rural village culture and art’.

 Most of our weaving artisans maintain their families through farming in these traditional rural villages.  The village women have formed a small co-operative by obtaining money from their family and village elders and we have been working with them since 2004.

 In today’s world of 2017 Bali’s tourism is booming!  Their weaving techniques have been passed down through centuries and will become a lost art if the villagers leave their farms and unique villages for the ‘big city’. 

Our goal is two fold; keep the children in school, keep the art flowing!